The largest Virgin Island

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) is the largest of the U.S. Virgins covering a total of 82 square miles, with a diverse and beautiful landscape ranging from a lush tropical rain forest to desert vegetation.  It lies entirely in the Caribbean Sea.  The eastern tip of the Island is the eastern most Atlantic point in the United States.  St. Croix lies 40 miles south of St.Thomas and St. John.  St. Croix is also home to the only Casino in the US Virgin Islands.

Buck Island Information

This island has an incredible European history. Spanish, Dutch, British, French, Knights of Malta, Danish, and American Flags have all flown over the island, as can be seen in architecture, ruins, and museums that can be found throughout the Historic District.  Buck Island Reef, duty free shopping, world famous beaches, and delightful restaurants are also favorites of her visitors.

St. Croix has two main towns, Christiansted and Frederiksted, were both major ports in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.  Today, St. Croix's biggest industry behind tourism is Rum production.  The Cruzan Rum Distillery, in operation for over 300 years in the same location, is home to one of the world's finest rums. The distillery (formerly known as Estate Diamond) offers guided tours of the facilities that explain the distillery process, the importance of rum in the island's history, and the story of the estate grounds.

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